Registration is now closed. Please contact if you would like to cancel or modify an existing registration.
大會報名現已關閉。 如果您想取消或修改現有註冊,請聯繫

This year’s Bay Area Christian Winter Conference will be held on-site at Mount Hermon. Even though there will be online arrangements available for some of the meetings, may we be encouraged to be full time participants on-site.

今年冬令會會在Mount Hermon 實體舉行,雖然仍有部份聚會有缐上安排,但盼望大家能全時間參加實體聚會。

For the well-being and health of all brothers and sisters attending the Conference, we are requiring all attendees to conduct a COVID self-test within 24 hours prior to arriving at Mount Hermon.


Speakers 講員:

Meeting Formats 聚會形式:

Dates 日期:
December 30, 2022 (Friday) 9 am - January 2, 2023 (Monday) 2 pm

Check-in Time 報到時間:
Between 9 am - 10 am on December 30, 2022
 入營報到時間定於12/30/2022 上午9:00-10:00

Place 地點:
Mt. Hermon
37 Conference Dr.
Felton, CA 95018
Telephone: (831) 335-4466
Directions to Mt. Hermon

Languages 語言:
English/Mandarin (Cantonese via earphones, In-Persons only)
英文/國語 (現場粵語用耳機翻譯)

Children/Youth Ministry 兒童/青少年:

Children Ministry 兒童聚會:1st - 6th Grade; 一至六年級
Juniors Ministry 少年聚會:7th - 8th Grade; 七至八年級
Youth Ministry 青年聚會:9th - 12th Grade; 九至十二年級
Note that there will be no Infant Care or Toddlers class

Minors 未成年人:
For all registrants under 18 years of age whose parents/guardians will not attend the conference, a Parent/Guardian Consent Form 家長/監護人同意表 must also be completed and returned to: 十八歲以下没有家長/監護人陪同參加特會的報名者,請填寫「家長/監護人同意表」並 交回:
1) scan and email 發寄電郵到:
    OR 或
2) Mail to 郵寄到以下地址:
Bay Area Christian Winter Conference
    c/o House of God in San Francisco,
    1345 Kansas Street,
    San Francisco, CA 94107

Expenses 費用:
Free-will offering 自由奉獻
For reference, the lodging and meal costs are shown below 供參考,住宿和膳食費用如下所示:

Adults 成年 (18+ yrs) Youth 青年 (4-17 yrs) Children 兒童 (0-3 yrs)
Standard 標準 $427 per person $204 per person Free of Charge
Economy 經濟 $341 per person $167 per person Free of Charge

Conference Contact 特會聯絡:
John Chu (朱華廷) - (415) 318-6957
Eddy Yee (余京羨) - (650) 714-0376