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This year’s Bay Area Christian Winter Conference will be held on-site at Mount Hermon. Even though there will be online arrangements available for some of the meetings, may we be encouraged to be full time participants on-site.

今年冬令會會在Mount Hermon 實體舉行,雖然仍有部份聚會有缐上安排,但盼望大家能全時間參加實體聚會。

For the well-being and health of all brothers and sisters attending the Conference, we are requiring all attendees to conduct a COVID self-test within 24 hours prior to arriving at Mount Hermon. Masks will be worn by all attendees in all indoor spaces.


Speakers 講員:

Meeting Formats 聚會形式:

Dates 日期:
December 30, 2022 (Friday) 9 am - January 2, 2023 (Monday) 2 pm

Check-in Time 報到時間:
Between 9:15 am - 10:15 am on December 30, 2022
 入營報到時間定於12/30/2022 上午9:15-10:15

Place 地點:
Mt. Hermon
37 Conference Dr.
Felton, CA 95018
Telephone: (831) 335-4466
Directions to Mt. Hermon

From San Francisco:
Take US-101 S or I-280 S, then take CA-85 S.
Take CA-17 S toward Santa Cruz.
Take Mt. Hermon/Felton off ramp, which will put you onto Mt. Hermon Road. Follow Mt. Hermon Road until it ends in Felton.
Turn left at "T" intersection onto Graham Hill Road.
Drive for 0.2 miles on Graham Hill Road.
Turn left onto Conference Drive.
The Mount Hermon Welcome Center will be on your right after 0.7 miles (next to the U.S. Post Office.)

Check-In Instructions 入住須知:
Check-In will be at the Welcome Center. Brethren can temporarily park in the lot behind the Welcome Center by the Sequoia and Manzanita cabins. Otherwise additional parking is past the Welcome Center down by the McAfee Fieldhouse and Meadow area. Please leave your luggage with your parked car and do not bring to the Welcome Center as you will most likely re-park your car closer to your lodge/cabin after check-in. See the Conference Center Color Map.
入住手續將在歡迎中心 (Welcome Center) 辦理,弟兄們可以歡迎中心後面的紅杉(Sequoia)和曼薩尼塔(Manzanita) 小屋旁的停車場暫時泊車,另外在歡迎中心往下經過 McAfee Fieldhouse 和 Meadow 區域後亦有停車塲可供泊車。 辦理手續時,請將行李仍放在車上,不要帶到歡迎中心,待稍後入住時,駛車往指定宿舍時才泊車及缷下行李。 請參閱會議中心(Conference Center) 的彩色地圖

Accommodations 住宿:
All lodging will come fully furnished with bedding, blankets, pillows, linens, and towels. Since temperatures will fluctuate significantly, additional clothing and blankets are recommended for those that get cold easily. Remember to bring your own toiletries.
宿舍備有 毯子、枕頭、床單和毛巾供用, 但由於溫差頗大,若怕冷,可另多㩦毛毯及添衣。請攜帶自己的洗漱用品。

Languages 語言:

Children/Youth Ministry 兒童/青少年:

Children Ministry 兒童聚會:1st - 6th Grade; 一至六年級
Juniors Ministry 少年聚會:7th - 8th Grade; 七至八年級
Youth Ministry 青年聚會:9th - 12th Grade; 九至十二年級
Note that there will be no Infant Care or Toddlers class

Minors 未成年人:
For all registrants under 18 years of age whose parents/guardians will not attend the conference, a Parent/Guardian Consent Form 家長/監護人同意表 must also be completed and returned to: 十八歲以下没有家長/監護人陪同參加特會的報名者,請填寫「家長/監護人同意表」並 交回:
1) scan and email 發寄電郵到:
    OR 或
2) Mail to 郵寄到以下地址:
Bay Area Christian Winter Conference
    c/o House of God in San Francisco,
    1345 Kansas Street,
    San Francisco, CA 94107

Expenses 費用:
Free-will offering 自由奉獻
For reference, the lodging and meal costs are shown below 供參考,住宿和膳食費用如下所示:

Adults 成年 (18+ yrs) Youth 青年 (4-17 yrs) Children 兒童 (0-3 yrs)
Standard 標準 * $427 per person $204 per person Free of Charge
Economy 經濟 ** $341 per person $167 per person Free of Charge

* Standard Lodging: Gwinn, Lakeside 700's, Acorn, Alder, Chestnut, Heather, Upper Sorrel Cabins
** Economy Lodging: Lakeside 500's, Laurel, Manzanita, Sequoia, Woodwardia, Parkway Cabins

Day Use Only Meals Adult Youth
$12 per adult Breakfast $12 $7
$7.5 per youth Lunch $14 $8
Dinner $18 $10

Please make checks payable to one of the three following fellowships: 支票抬頭請寫以下三處聚會中之一處: